Who We Are. What We Do.

Temple Made Fitness (TMF) was created for adults, children, families, groups, and corporations by football legend, Tony Temple. Temple envisioned a program that would change lives through movement and nutrition. Temple and his team offer result-based customized training programs that focus on individual client needs.

We Specialize In Keeping Things Fresh

This is a program without walls or celings - meaning no limitations. Clients can expect to reach an optimal level of health and wellness with personalized plans of action. Programs are designed to allow clients to experiment with what fits their needs. Partnerships have been formed with local health professionals, stores, fitness and athletic performance providers, to extend wrap-around wellness experiences along the TMF journey. TMF promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind, top of the line, experience!


This is not a group of personal trainers, not a gym, and not a weightloss service! Movement, nutrition, and fitness classes are provided in a variety of convenient settings. TMF is a group of result achievers that will work with clients to help create a life plan to change mindsets and physical abilties. Staff will support clients in their goal to become their best, and reach goals many deem impossible. Sessions are designed to compliment client schedules and implement fun ways to achieve wellness indoors, outdoors, and in office settings.

WHO WE LOVE TO WORK WITH EVERYONE!! From the tallest to the smallest and the biggest to the littlest, TMF has a place for all to feel at home.


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